Product categories

Fast, strong, easy to use multi-surface adhesives for smaller applications.

Locks and seals bolts, studs, nuts, and screws, preventing unscrewing due to stress and vibrations.

Strong, hard wearing, durable epoxies for demanding operational conditions.

Glass bonding adhesives can be used in the installation and replacement of automotive windscreens.

Sealants for gap filling and panel sealing, two-part polyurethane-based adhesives designed to repair bumpers, headlamps and other plastic trim parts.

Tapes solutions with excellent adhesion, cohesion and tack, for indoors and outdoors repairing.

Acetoxy silicones for sanitary sealing in bathrooms and kitchens, and neutral silicones for exterior applications.

Acrylic sealants for interior use, and weather resistant acrylic grade for exterior applications.

Strong, hard wearing, durable sealant for demanding operational conditions. High flexibility.

Multi-purpose and multi-material sealants and adhesives.

Self-expanding polyurethane foam, to be used by gun or manually.

Full solutions needed to get the best performance of OneBond adhesives range.


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