Introducing a brand new range of Adhesives and Sealants: OneBond

Introducing a brand new range of Adhesives and Sealants: OneBond

Whether you’re a professional or a consumer, have a large requirement or small, need to repair, build, or create, OneBond from Saint-Gobain Surface Solutions will give you confidence, make your life easier and save you time!


OneBond applicationWithin the world of OneBond, we strive to provide adhesive knowledge, expertise, and contemporary solutions, driven by our understanding of your needs, whatever your sector. Whether you’re a professional who wants straightforward, fast and effective results, a perfectionist looking for an intelligent product that adds value, or a novice who requires more support, OneBond has the answer.

Our range of adhesives for industrial maintenance, repairs and assemblies is available now. Throughout 2022 we’ll be expanding the OneBond portfolio, bringing additional solutions for the automotive aftermarket, building and construction and do-it-yourself markets. 


Man with vanThe use of adhesives in regular maintenance operations is paramount in taking steps to proactively prevent costly repairs and damage that can be caused by wear and tear over time. Whether it’s large or small machines, heavy or light equipment, their parts, or your products themselves, OneBond can help keep your business moving. We have solutions that help to prevent mechanical failures, extend equipment life, eliminate leaks and reduce loosening, with reliable performance that lasts, to ensure you have fully functioning, well maintained equipment. 

What’s more, OneBond offers a range of formulas, each with different properties, to meet the needs of the many diverse applications found in maintenance, repair and operations. For instance, a number of our OneBond Gap Fillers cure underwater, our Instant Bonds include a gel adhesive designed to provide excellent control when in use thanks to its non-sagging, form holding properties, and our Thread Lockers and Thread Sealants offer super strong bonding to retain parts even when subjected to vibration and high temperatures. 


Instant bondsInstant Bonds

OneBond instant bond adhesives are fast, strong, and easy-to-use in smaller applications. Also known as cyanoacrylates, they are ideal for rigid repairs and assemblies that need high strength, fast fixing solutions. All instant bonds fix in seconds at room temperature on a wide range of substrates, making them perfect for many different uses, from fixing machinery to preventing damage and general wear and tear. What’s more, all instant bond bottles feature an anti-clogging nozzle designed to prevent blockages.



Gap fillersGap Fillers 

Strong, hard wearing and durable for demanding operational conditions, OneBond gap fillers deliver fast, strong, yet lightweight solutions for repair jobs. They often give a more aesthetic result and provide a perfect bridge between two different substrates. The gap filler range is made up of two epoxies which offer flexibility, vibration resistance and underwater curing, one cyanoacrylate 2k structural adhesive for precision applications and high load resistance, and a fast curing putty with high compressive strength and good adhesion for repairs to tanks, pipes, castings, bolt holes as well as non-structural defects.



Thread Lockers & SealantsThread Lockers and Thread Sealants

Unique, non-toxic formula and outstanding chemical resistance, OneBond Thread Lockers and Thread Sealants meet the highest standards of health and safety. The anaerobic adhesives are designed to cure on metal surfaces without oxygen. OneBond has outstanding chemical resistance and locks and seals bolts, studs, nuts and screws to prevent loosening due to stress and vibration. This range also offers a solution for sealing flat surfaces on pumps, gearboxes, engine covers and housings, to eliminate leaks and corrosion. All OneBond thread lockers and sealants provide a good range of strength, gap filling and removability options. 


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