Fast and easy fixing and repair solutions from OneBond

Fast and easy fixing and repair solutions from OneBond

Adhesive bonding is widely used in modern industry due to its ability to permanently join dissimilar materials including metals with plastics, composites that cannot be spot-welded and galvanically problematic materials, like steel and aluminium.  It can also help increase production rates and allows more design freedom.

OneBond cyanoacrylates or ‘instant bonds’ are designed to quickly bond small plastic parts, while long open-time epoxy-based adhesives are ideal to assemble and repair large parts with complex shapes, where excellent fatigue resistance is required. ​

OneBond also offers gap-filler adhesives, which can reduce noise and vibration, or stop a fluid leak in seconds (even from a pressurized source​). They can be sanded, drilled and painted and can be designed to meet specific performance requirements, such as the possibility to be applied underwater, withstand temperatures above 150ºC for long periods of time, cure in seconds, minutes or even in hours.

OneBond anaerobic adhesives include thread lockers and thread sealants to lock and seal bolts, studs, nuts, and screws, preventing unscrewing due to stress and vibration. They also seal flat surfaces on pumps, gear-boxes, engine covers and housings, eliminating leakages and corrosion.​


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