Restore It showcases OneBond products in BMW E30 restoration!

Restore It showcases OneBond products in BMW E30 restoration!


As part of the BMW E30 restoration project, RestoreIt uses the OneBond products to rebuild, clean and protect the parts. The OneBond 160 and 116 thread lockers are used to rebuild the throttle body, power steering pump and start motor, especially as the 116 is dismantlable and ideal for parts that will need replacing in the future. They use the 160 thread locker to rebuild the alternator, as it won’t need to be removed again.

The 042 thread sealant is used for installing the pipes as it seals against many chemicals, replaces the need for PTFE tape and is vibration-resistant. Once the rebuild is completed, they remove dirt and grease with the DG 500 degreaser and use the PS500 to keep the parts clean and protected.

Once the parts are held together using OneBond and look cleaner, with more protection compared to before, they reinstall the parts. RestoreIt is rest assured that nothing will vibrate loose once they start driving the car.



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