OneBond DG 550


Professional/industrial users only. Apply to the surface to be cleaned and rub with an OneBond SA 200 or XP 200 wipes. Rinse with water if needed



  • • 5 Litres carafe-> Economy packaging.
  • • Remove grease and dirt in all kind of surfaces; Steel, Stainless steel, Aluminium, Cast-iron, Wood, PVC, Glass, Ceramic, Painted surfaces
  • • Due to the neutral pH, it doesn't attack paint, glass, plastic, Aluminium, etc.
  • • It can be use on water jet cleaning machines (10% dilution).

    Density Size(litres) MOQ->Box Qty Colour Languages on packaging SAP
    1,03 5 L 4 Yellowish FR, EN, ES, PT, DE, IT, PL, TR, NL, SW, NO DK, FI, HU, CZ, RO, HR-CS-BA 78072768733


OneBond DG 550


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