OneBond 8740

2K Heat Resistant

OneBond 8740 is a non-sagging rigid 2-part repair adhesive designed to maintain its properties at high temperatures and in harsh environmental conditions such as UV light, salt water, hydrolysis, and chemicals. It bonds well to thermoplastics (ABS, PC, PVC), metals (steel, aluminium), wood, ceramic, concrete, stone and glass. Constructed with excellent mechanical joint strength, OneBond 8740 is high load bearing, good for large assemblies and can be applied underwater.


  • • Open-time from 20 to 25 minutes
  • • Long fixture time (3 to 4 hours) can be accelerated by adding heat
  • • Can be painted and sanded after 4 hours
  • • Resistant up to +150ºC
  • • Cures underwater
  • • Two static mixers included
  • • 2:1 ratio adhesive requires manual dispensing gun

78072764226 Two-part cartridge 2:1 50ml


OneBond 8740


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