PU Foam Cleaner

PU Foam Cleaner

Spray cleaner for non-hardened polyurethane foam.Also ideal for cleaning foam guns or residues of non-hardened foam.



  • • Solvent for internal and external cleaning of polyurethane foam guns
  • • Can be applied directly to guns for internal cleaning or used as a spray
  • • Can be used to remove uncured foam, polymerised foam can only be removed mechanically


  • • Remove the polyurethane foam canister from the gun. Apply OneBond PU Cleaner spray to the gun. Squeeze the trigger of the gun to release the residual foam from the gun. Continue the operation until stop the flow of residual foam into the gun.


Code Product Format Colour Box Pieces Pallet Pieces
66254427458 PU Foam Cleaner 500ml Transparent 12 624




PU Foam Cleaner


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