PU Foam Universal

PU Foam Universal

Single-component, self-expanding polyurethane foam,to be used by gun or manually.



  • • Excellent adhesion to most building materials such as wood, concrete,tiles, metal and aluminium (except polyethylene, silicone and Teflon)
  • • Excellent filling and expanding capacity
  • • Thermal and acoustic insulation
  • • Cuttable and paintable after complete curing- Flammability class B3)
  • • Excellent stability (low shrinkage and post-expansion)


  • • Assembly and sealing of windows and fixtures
  • • Cavity filling
  • • Filling openings in all roof constructions
  • • Thermal and acoustic insulation


Code Product Format Colour Box Pieces Pallet Pieces
66254427446 PU Foam Universal manual 750ml Yellow 12 624
66254427448 PU Foam Universal gun 750 ml Yellow 12 624




PU Foam Universal


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